Too Hot To Handle returns

Plus I want to talk about Sailing Yacht

Hi All!

Happy Friday. It’s a bit of a rainy Friday here in Toronto today but that works for me. I need motivation to stay inside and just study all day.

For those of you who are new around here, I’m in the process of applying to do my MBA. Right now I’m pulling references, getting my application essays together, and studying to write the GMAT. I’ve booked my test date — July 8th. I’m telling you this for two reasons: One — if I tell people I’m studying, it will keep me accountable to my schedule. So if you see me tweeting about RHOBH… tell me to go study, the Erika Jayne drama can wait until July 9th. Two — I do need to hunker down and focus, which means I’m probably not going to have blog posts for the next little while and these newsletters might get a bit shorter over the next few weeks. It’s crunch time!

That being said… TV has always been a way I de-stress and I do need some breaks. I cannot wait for the Sailing Yacht reunion and I’m really into The Bachelorette this season. If you are watching either of these shows, send me an email and we can discuss the *drama*.

So with that said, let’s get to it so I can go study…

Things to watch this week:

Today your favourite scandalous Spanish teenagers are back. The fourth season of Eliteis now on Netflix. I loved the first season of this show, but I felt like it lost the plot there a bit as it just got to be a bit too much. That being said — if you are fan of the show please let me know if S4 is worth getting back into it. You can read my blog post about season one here and check out the S4 trailer here.

Kevin Hart has a new Netflix movie out today. Fatherhood is about a single dad raising his daughter after his wife dies. It looks good. Watch the trailer here.

At some point this weekend, I’ll probably watch The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals. It looks like the perfect escapism reality show. I’m a bit worried it will make me want to travel but the trailer just looks so pretty. Check out the trailer here. That’s on Netflix today.

On Disney+, there is a new movie called Luca that looks wonderful. It’s a Pixar project, set in Italy, and about a boy who is actually a sea monster — so you know it’s going to be lots of fun. Watch the trailer here.

On Crave today, four things to note.

First, we’ve got The United States vs. Billie Holiday. This was a Covid release but this is the first time it’s streaming. Andra Day got nominated for the Best Actress Oscar for her role as Billie Holiday, but the film got mixed reviews overall. I’d love to know if you watch this and what you think. I’m very curious. Check out the trailer here.

The second is the movie The Little Things. This is a psychological cop thriller starring Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto. Watch the trailer here.

The third is Vice’s Dark Side of Football. Dark Side of the Ring (their wrestling show) has lots of buzz, so this football show should generate similar buzz. Check out the trailer here.

Lastly, the Crave premiere that I’ll be checking out is a new show called Domina. This is a historical drama about Ancient Rome but from the perspective of women. I’m very into it already. Watch the trailer here.

On Saturday I’d highly recommend checking out Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut Booksmart if you haven’t seen it yet. It first came out in 2019, then it was streaming for a while on Prime. Now it’s on Netflix. It’s one of my all-time favourite movies. Read my blog about it here. Check out the trailer here.

On Monday, new on Netflix, but from 2019 is Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen’s rom-com, Long Shot. It was very cute. It’s an easy watch. Watch the trailer here.

On Wednesday we’ve got my pick of the week! I say this somewhat ironically because I hate-watched the first season (it’s a terrible show) but Too Hot To Handle is back for its second season. This show is one of those “everyone watches it so you should also watch it” type shows. It’s absolutely trash but you know what, we could all have some trash in our lives right now. Check out the trailer here.

Lastly, there is a new rom-com called Good on Paper.Written and starring Iliza Shlesinger this should make you laugh. However here’s my real sell for all you Veronica Mars fans: Ryan Hansen is the leading man. Watch the trailer here.

Other things to check out:

First off — have you seen this tweet/video? It’s a must-watch. It will make you cry happy tears of hope ❤️

Entertainment Weekly brought together most of your favs (Meryl, Anne, and Stanley, but not Emily) to talk about The Devil Wears Prada. It’s a 30-minute conversation and well worth your time.

For the 10th anniversary of Bridesmaids, director Paul Feig broke down the infamous airplane scene for Vanity Fair. It’s a joy.

In industry stuff — one of my favourite things to watch is The Hollywood Reporter’s table reads and this year we’ve got some good combos. They are on the TV Drama one's right now and they are all good: Actors just came out, but the Showrunners and the  Directors are both excellent as well.

This is an excellent article talking about the “disappointment” of In the Heights box office. I’m really interested in the conversation going around this movie. If you’ve seen it, let me know — I want to watch it, I just don’t want to pay $25.

Did you know that Andrew Garfield can sing? I missed that memo but I’m very into it. He’s staring in tick, tick...BOOM! a Netflix movie musical. This is an autobiographical musical by Jonathan Larson (the creator of Rent) and is being directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda in his directorial debut. Anyways this movie comes out this fall but the trailer looks great.

I stayed up way too late the other night watching Lupin. It’s one of those shows that you can’t stop once you start and P2 was excellent. Omar Sy is out doing press right now and I loved this interview he did with Jimmy Kimmel. If you’re a Lupin fan let me know — I need to discuss what happened!

In music I’m really into the band Valley lately. They are a local Toronto band and they just dropped a new song called “Society.” I’m very into it. It’s been on repeat for the last few days.

I also am loving the new Killers and Bruce Springsteen collaboration. They’ve got a song out called “Dustland” and it’s already on all my driving playlists.

Lastly, Ryan Reynolds is a genius. We knew this but he keeps proving it. For his most recent Match ad, he brought together unemployed wedding singers for a song about getting back out there. It’s a JAM. The song was written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (aka the duo behind Dear Evan Hansen, La La Land, and The Greatest Showman to name a few). I cannot recommend watching this video enough.

Have a great weekend,


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Editor’s Pick: 

My comfort watch of the week is a British rom-com called Starstruck, streaming on Crave. It’s about a disaster millennial who accidentally sleeps with a movie star. Hijinks (funny and romantic) ensue. Mostly, I’m just here for writer/star Rose Matafeo. (Thanks to my friend Emma who recommended this show to me!)