I've got A LOT of thoughts on the Emmy Nominations.

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I was working at the hospital today which is why I was late sending this out to all of you at 7pm rather than your usual lunchtime read. If you’re new around here, I work at SickKids Hospital producing kid’s TV for our in-patients. It’s always lots of fun and today I was busy editing a video of a bunch singing “Always Be My Baby”. It’s now stuck in my head and I’m most likely going to be watching Always Be My Maybe tonight because it’s been that kind of day. 

Let’s just get right into this because it’s time to get this out :)

This week on the blog:

It’s EMMY nominations week! I’ve got the full list for you with a bunch of annotated thoughts. I wanted to go into the details about all the CREW awards. The casts will always get their flowers, but the crews need some love. I’ll be updating this post over the weekend so keep checking back in :) 

Read it here. 

Things to watch this week:

Because I’m so late to the game this week, I’m just giving you the list rather than full thoughts.

TOP PICK: Schmigadoon! Apple+  - Watch the trailer here. I’m already obsessed.
The Aliens CBC Gem
Maiden CBC Gem
The Walrus and The Whistleblower - Crave
Surrealestate - CTV Sci-Fi Channel/Crave
TOP PICK: McCartney 3,2,1 - Disney+  Watch the trailer here. It looks GREAT. 

TOP PICK: 100 Foot Wave - Crave/HBO - Check out trailer here

The Movies That Made Us - Netflix
TOP PICK: Sexy Beasts - Netflix. This is a ridiculous show. Watch the trailer here... you’ll understand.
Too Hot to Handle: Brazil - Netflix
Behind The Attraction  - Disney+

Other things to check out:

I cannot stop listening to Charlotte Cardin and Lubalin’s new song “Phoenix (Reprise”). It’s SO good. Listen to that here. However... you also want to check out their joke song “can u get pregante...?” which is part of Lubalin’s internet drama series here. It will crack you up. 

Canadian TikToker Tesher has partnered with Jason Derulo on “Jalebi Baby”. It’s a bop. Listen to that here

A few trailers worth pointing out... Queenpins, a doc about coupon fraud. It looks GREAT. Plus of course we’re talking about Turning Red. That’s the new Disney Pixar movie set in Toronto. here

Now this isn’t a real movie but I wish it was.

Read the full tread. It’s worth it.

Next week we get season two of Ted Lasso and Jason Sudeikis is getting lots of great press lately. This is my favourite ... Jason Sudeikis Is Actually Kind Of Like Ted Lasso In Real Life

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