French TV dominated my June watch list 🇫🇷🥖📺

Who wants to go to fly to Europe with me after lockdown?

Hey All,

For those of you who have been following this newsletter for a while, you know that I’ve been working the last few months towards going back to school to do an MBA. Well, this is the weekend applications are due! I’m feeling confident and excited about the package I’ve put together and I feel ready to do the GMAT.

Anyways TV has been a good break for me when I’ve needed a study break. I started watching the Swedish show Young Royals last night and I’m very into it. I’m also watching The Bachelorette as per usual and it’s been a fun season. I’m always here to chat about how Greg is 100% going to win and if he doesn’t I’ll be SHOCKED.

All that said, Let’s get into it.

This week on the blog:

I didn’t blog very much at all this month but I’m starting a new tradition! Each month, I’m going to do a wrap up of all the shows I watched that month with mini reviews.

My two top this month are French shows: The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties and Lupin. Both are so good and will have you looking up flights to Paris.

I watched a surprising amount of TV this month considering how busy I was and how I felt like I didn’t watch “anything”. There were some gems, some rewatches, and a few duds. Read my June wrap-up list here then hit reply, and send me an email telling me what you watched this month :)

Things to watch this week:

There is honestly nothing worth talking about except the HBO Max/Crave Gossip Girl. I loved this show when it was first on the air, but let’s be real it went way downhill as the seasons progressed. I’m super interested in how they are a) going to build a show without Blake Lively and Leighton Meester and b) how they are going to learn from the mistakes of the OG. So yes I will 100% be watching this and will be here to discuss all. New episodes are dropping weekly on Thursdays on Crave. Check out the trailer here.

If that’s not your thing, then I’d suggest watching the Stanley Cup Finals. We for sure have games to watch tonight and Monday and then depending on how things go, game five is on Wednesday. Puck drops at 8pm.

There are also a bunch of week-to-week shows out right now that I’ve talked about in the past. I’m currently watching Below Deck Med, RHOBH, and The Bachelorette, but I know a lot of you are watching Loki, RuPaul’s All-Stars, and others. So there are lots of shows to watch.

There are a bunch of projects I’m excited about next week and by then I’ll have time to do proper write-ups :)

Other things to check out:

Off the top — there is NEW Taylor Swift music!!! She did a song with Big Red Machine called “Renegade”. Big Red Machine is a band(?) that Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) are doing together so this makes sense that Taylor would feature here. These three have become collaborators and it makes sense that she would feature on their projects like they featured on hers. Listen to the song here

There is a really fun new show called Schmigadoon on Apple that is again making me question why I don’t have it… If you like musicals this is the show for you. Starring Cecily Strong, Keegan-Michael Key, Kristin Chenoweth, Alan Cumming, and Jane Krakowski to name a few, this show is about a couple that gets stuck in a classical musical. I’m very into it. Watch the trailer here.

Related to Cecily Strong, is a mini doc about the making of SNL during the pandemic and the presidential race. It’s 25ish minutes long but well worth your time if you are a fan of SNL or watched any of it this year.   

I’ve been listening to The O.C. rewatch podcast (Welcome To The O.C. Bitches!) and it’s not great. I’m loving Melinda Clarke but Rachel Bilson is not doing it for me. She’s too stiff and it comes off feeling fake. It’s unfortunate because I feel like this pod has a lot of potential but it’s not quite there yet. HOWEVER if you are looking for a rewatch pod that is there, you need to listen to Drama Queens — the new One Tree Hill rewatch pod with Bethany Joy Lenz, Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush. Their chemistry is so good and you feel like you’re hanging out with old friends. Their pod is what The O.C. pod wishes it could be which is ironic because The O.C. is what One Tree Hill wanted to be. Check that out here.

Variety has a great article about the darkside of Love Island. I’m a massive fan of the show but the fan community around this show can get very toxic. They’ve had some major issues over the years and this piece gets into it. Read that here.

Amber Tamblyn wrote a great op-ed piece about Britney Spears last week for The New York Times. It’s worth your time.

Speaking of The New York Times, they put together a visual investigation of the Jan 6th insurrection and it is a phenomenal piece of journalism. It’s about 45 minutes long but it’s well worth your time if you are in the headspace to relive it. Watch that here.

Lastly, there is a great profile on Canadian actress Annie Murphy. I am very optimistic about her career and I really hope she gets all the success she deserves. Her new show Kevin Can F*** Himself is getting buzz (you can watch the first two episodes here) and it looks like she’s got a bunch of other fun projects lined up too. I can’t wait to see what she does next. Read that profile here.

Have a great weekend,